Archive: May 12th, 2005

End of the endeavour

My cruise around Alaska’s Inside Passage has come to an end. The Spirit Of Endeavour docked in Juneau and we disembarked this morning.

Yesterday was a full day; Skagway in the morning and Haines in the afternoon.

My helicopter trip in Skagway went very smoothly. There was no resurgence of the quesiness I felt in the floatplane in Petersburg. Then again, the floatplane had the soundtrack from Titanic pumped through the headphones. That would explain why I felt slightly ill.

The helicopter deposited a bunch of us on top of Denver Glacier, the location of a camp of sled dogs. Riding around on a sled is a much more primitive mode of transport than a helicopter but it was equally fun. Also, you don’t get to scratch behind the ears of your helicopter pilot.

After the excitement of the morning, Haines offered a nice relaxing counterpoint. It’s a very small town. I enjoyed just wandering around in the sunshine.

Today I’m adjusting to being back on dry land after ten days on a moving vessel. Right now, Juneau is bustling. Three gigantic cruise ships have docked in the harbour. The Endeavour looks like a lifeboat next to them. I’m extremely glad that I was on such a small and sparsely populated ship. I’m pretty sure that those big ships don’t alter their course just to follow whale spouts.

I’ll be heading back to Seattle tomorrow with a head full of memories. I’ve taken a lot of photographs. I even managed to shoot a short movie of bow-riding porpoise.

Being unfamiliar with the poetry of Robert Service, I’ve had some lines from Yeats going through my head:

"Come away, O human child!"

"To the waters and the wild"

"With a faery, hand in hand,"

"For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand."

BBC Backstage

The BBC is going to be offering an API. Hallelujah!