Archive: July 18th, 2005

May the Task Force be with you

It is with great pleasure that I direct your attention to the latest press release from the Web Standards Project:

"In an effort to boost the quality of scripting on the world wide web, the Web Standards Project (WaSP) today announced the formation of the WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force."

Together with Dori Smith, I’ll be leading the Task Force. We’ve got a lot of work to do. As well as evangelising the benefits of well-written, usable JavaScript, we plan to lead by example and publish articles and tutorials that illustrate best practices. These will be published on the DOM Scripting Task Force website and elsewhere.

Right now, the website is a humble, bare-bones affair. The design and the content will be expanded before too long. For now though, there’s a blog where the Task Force members will be posting snippets and titbits of JavaScript-related news. Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date with the activity.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about all of this. It’s one more sign that JavaScript has finally come of age.