Archive: August 3rd, 2005

delimport - Spotlight Plugins

This excellent little plug-in allows you to search your links from Spotlight.

Surfin’ Safari » Multiple Backgrounds

Multiple background images (from CSS3) is implemented in Safari.... and has been for months!

Sour Apple

Hot on the heels of the updated iBooks and Mac minis, Apple have announced an all-singing, all-clicking mighty mouse.

Normally, this is just the kind of productive design that would garner my praise. But I’m not feeling very well disposed towards Apple after reading of a different forthcoming innovation:

“People working with early versions of the forthcoming Intel-based MacOS X operating system have discovered that Apple’s new kernel makes use of Intel’s Trusted Computing hardware.”

Trusted Computing… an Orwellian term for Digital Rights Management, which in turn is a euphemism for vendor-imposed restrictions on what I’m allowed to do with my data.

I’m with Cory on this one. If this turns out to be true, I’m switching to Linux. I love Macs but not enough to live with this kind of digital lock-in.