Archive: September 26th, 2005

Stop & Search form for a photographer in Brighton

He took a picture of a building. Note the tick next to terrorism.


Belgium, man, Belgium

While I was away in Florida, an opportunity arose for a Salter Cane concert. We were offered the support slot for Holly Golightly.

The concert was happening straight after Jessica and I returned, with no chance for a rehearsal beforehand. In true rock’n’roll, flying by the seat of our pants fashion, we went ahead and played the gig anyway. It went surprisingly well. I think we won over some new converts.

Unfortunately, the gig coincided with a concert by Okkervil River. I’m a big fan of theirs so I was very disappointed to have missed them.

However, I may be able to catch them on another leg of their European tour. They’re playing in Brussels on the 14th of October. Dame fortune smiles upon me and grants a happy coincidence: I too will be in Brussels for le weekend.

I’ll be attending Europe’s first Information Architecture summit. At first, I was only idly toying with the idea of taking off to Belgium for a weekend of IA and frites but an irresistible offer on the Eurostar website clinched it for me.

The conference itself is very reasonably priced and has some interesting items on the agenda. I’m looking forward to hearing Thomas Vander Wal talking about the Personal InfoCloud (although I may have spoiled that for myself by listening to the podcast from Webvisions).

If you’re thinking about attending (and you should be), drop me a line and we’ll meet up to eat moules and sample some of Belgium’s 450 beers.