Archive: October 10th, 2005


Internet entrepreneurship isn’t dead. After you’ve registered for d.Construct, I suggest you use your remaining PayPal balance over at OddzBallz.

OddzBallz is the newest creation from the immensely talented Elsa Kawai. She’s a designer, a photographer, a painter and now, a creator of unbearably cute little things that you can attach to your mobile phone. No matter what Elsa puts her mind to, she always puts all of her heart and love into it. Her personality really shines through through in her designs, her photographs and her handmade limbless homonculi.

The OddzBallz site reflects the multi-disciplinarian talents of its creator, with its seamless integration of graphic design, Flash and CSS. Head over there and grab yourself one of the first limited edition characters, signed by Elsa. Those will be worth something on eBay… not that you’d ever want to flog off one of those adorable widdle things.

Web Standards Group - Ten Questions for Patrick Lauke

Patrick Lauke, master of photography and accessibility.

Google Reader

A web app for reading RSS feeds. Pretty nice, but I'll stick with Adactio Elsewhere for now.

Yahoo! Podcasts

Quite nice, but a bit too cluttered for my taste. I still prefer Odeo.

Microsoft Team RSS Blog : The orange icon...

Possible ideas for IE's icon for RSS feeds. I like number five.


If you’re anywhere within travelling distance of the south coast of England, be sure to keep your diary free for November 11th. On that date, Brighton will play host to Europe’s first Web 2.0 conference: d.Construct 2005.

This is going to be a grassroots affair, which means that it’s going to intimate, informal and fun. Andy’s got the full story on how the event came about.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. I’m going to be in Seattle with Jessica. She’ll be attending the American Translator’s Association conference. I’ll be hanging out and generally having a good time.

I am really looking forward to going to Seattle (one of my favourite places) but it’s a real shame that I’m going to miss the inaugural d.Construct event. I’m sure it’s going to be a great event, presumably the first of many to come.

Maybe I can organise some kind of live video link-up…