Archive: November 6th, 2005

A quick turnaround

I’m back in Brighton for less than 24 hours.

I flew in from Cork this morning. I had a great time back in the ould country. The Irish generally know how to celebrate so you can imagine how much fun a wedding can be. As promised, there are Flickr photos of suits, stout and celebration.

Tomorrow, I fly to Seattle. Jessica is going to a translator’s conference and I’m tagging along for the ride. If you’re a webhead in Seattle, give me a shout if you fancy meeting up for a cup of… oh, I don’t know, maybe… coffee? I’ll have my mobile phone with me and the ubiquitous WiFi means I’ll also be reachable by iChat and email.

Now I’m off to bed to grab a few hours sleep before heading back to Gatwick. That airport is starting to feel like a second home.