Archive: December 8th, 2005

Hopping to Catalonia

Hold my calls - I’ll be incommunicado for the next few days. I’m planning to spend the weekend in Barcelona.

My friend Karin is celebrating her birthday. Rather than spend it in her adopted town of Brighton or in her German homeland, she’s decided she wants to mark her passage on foreign shores; Spanish shores.

I’ve never been to Barcelona but I’ve heard many wonderful things about it. When I get back, I’ll cross it off my list of places to go and post lots of pictures on Flickr.

Hasta luego.

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A list of articles discussing the impact of a reliance on PowerPoint® and bullet-point based communication.


I tend to avoid reading Jakob Nielsen. This time, I made the mistake of following a link from somebody else, started reading through Why Ajax Sucks (Most of the Time) and, before I was half-way through, I was fuming at the inaccuracies and sweeping generalisations.

It wasn’t until towards the end that I realised it was a spoof. Doh! It was parodying (quite successfully) an earlier, genuine article called Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time). Nicely done - you had me going there.

Seeing as this parody consisted of simply substituting the word “frames” for the word “Ajax”, I thought it would be fun to do some word substitution of my own. Courtesy of the Onion article generator, I give you Why Nielsen Sucks (Most of the Time). It makes a surprising amount of sense.

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Oh, the irony! I've sparked a veritable orgy of antfucking.