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Oakland Tribune - Op-Ed

Send your battered old copy of 1984 to the Oakland Tribune. When they get 537 copies, they will be sent to every member of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Will the circle be unjerking - a roundup of this year's roundups of this year

As 2005 draws a close, a blogger’s thoughts inevitably turn to analysing, cataloging, listing and rating all the analysis, catalogues, lists and ratings from the preceding twelve months.

I could just give you a roundup of my year, but I thought it would be more interesting to give you a roundup of other people’s roundups of the year.

Andy gives us the movers and shakers in blogs, books, and designs. He gives a special achievement award to Molly, who has her own list of worthy recipients. She rightly lauds the writing on Eric Meyer’s blog. Eric earns extra points for not having his own end-of-year awards ceremony, thereby breaking the cycle.

Jon gives his own personal rundown, including a cheese of the year. To the best of my knowledge, Jon is the only blogger to explicitly mention cheese in his year-end list. Other bloggers, take note.

Mark gives us a blow-by-blow account of his year and finishes by pointing to posts from his own blog. This self-referential trend is continued by Cameron and Roger.

All in all, it’s been a very good end of the year for end of the year posts. If I had to choose just one, it would be a very difficult choice indeed. But in the end I think I would have to choose… this post - now with extra meta-recursiveness.

Next: my predictions for 2006, including my radical extrapolation that in December of next year, bloggers will be making predictions for 2007.

Jeremy Hermanns dot org » Alaska Flight #536 - Rapid De-Pressurization and Panic at 30K Feet

A blogger who was on a flight that lost cabin pressure blogs about it... with pictures.