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Met so blue

It’s been a busy weekend here at Chez J&J. Following in the footsteps of fellow Canadians, Derek and Joe, Dave came to visit.

He paid for his keep by presenting a Skillswap on CSS. It was most edifying. As usual, the real fun happened afterwards in the pub. Mind you, it was a logistical nightmare trying to track down a pub that could fit umpteen geeks, wasn’t filled with cigarette smoke, and had more than one person manning the bar on a hectic Friday night. We eventually found ourselves ensconced in the Duke Of Wellington which turned out to be quite fortuitous. How else would we have discovered Richard’s royal roots?

The rest of Dave’s stay involved the usual touristy things: tea and scones, the pier, the pavilion. The visit culminated with an Iron Chef style pizza cook-off between Dave and Jessica that I’ll write up on Principia Gastronomica.

Sadly, my body has rebelled at all this fun and rewarded me with a bit of sore throat. That’s why I backed out of attending the Geek Dinner in London. I figured lots of drink, smoke, and geek chat wouldn’t do my throat much good. But, damn, it looks like it was fun. : Articles - Know Your Type

A really nicely laid-out introductory article on typography from the folks at Red Labor.