Archive: February 23rd, 2006

A week in Munster

I’m back from my week in Ireland, showing Jessica’s family the sights of Cork, Kerry and Tipperary. The pictorial evidence is available for your viewing pleasure.

While I was away, people were talking about me behind my back. Fortunately, it was all good. Bruce, Molly and Olly have been continuing the conversations about Ajax that we kick-started at the Clearleft workshop. It may sound cheesy to say “what a great audience!”, but what a great audience!

Also, in my absence one of my websites got Slashdotted in the wake of a very favourable book review. The publishers are understandably pleased with the book’s new Amazon sales rank.

Speaking of books, Andy’s book is now available for consumption. Download the sample chapter for a tasty sample.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a mountain of email to read through.