Archive: April 17th, 2006


The blogroll is a common component to many blogs. It’s a sociable idea: a sort of recommended reading list of blogs by other people.

To North Americans, the word blogroll is a nice play on words on logroll. To European English speakers, however, it sounds regrettably similar to bog roll (bog as in toilet, roll as in paper).

I’ve never had a blogroll here at Adactio, but I have decided to a list of links to other blogs. Here’s the catch though: I’m only linking to people who have stayed in my house. I’m calling it my bedroll.

It is, of course, XFN friendly, even though it’s a foregone conclusion that everyone will have rel="met".

I’ve also marked everyone up with hCards. If you have a blog/bog/bed roll, I encourage you to the same. Here’s an example:

<li class="vcard"> <a class="fn url" href="" rel="friend met">Cindy Li</a> </li>

Wanna get on the ‘roll? Well, ya gotta come visit me. Wanna come visit me? Well, you might have to hold off for a little while… Jessica and I will be moving in to a new place at the start of next month. First thing we’ll do is get a nice comfy sofa. After that, normal service will return at Geek Central Station… we’ll be sure to register our new abode at Can I Crash?

iGoatse. the new skin for your iPod

This is priceless... but my iPod feels somehow dirty now.