Archive: September 8th, 2008

Because you can never have too much cowbell.

dConstruct 2008 notes | AlastairC

Alastair's comprehensive notes from dConstruct.

Wiretap Follies

The latest project from by Joshua Green Allen aka Fireland.

A new design | Clagnut § Blogging · Information design · Clagnut news

Richard has launched the redesign he's had bubbling away for a while now. 'Tis lovely and gridilicous.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Where do you think you are?

BBC coverage of dConstruct on "The widening web of location-based web services."

kev/null - Facebook Has License to Sell Your Photos

Kevin points out why you might want to keep your pictures on Flickr rather than Facebook. Like you needed a reason.

Planet Douche : Attus Apparel - Threaded for Liberation

Popping one collar is pretty gay. Popping 3 or 4 collars is super gay. Popping 24 collars ...that shit is hot.