Archive: October 23rd, 2008

Chuff Chuff, Huffduff

I’ve just returned from delivering a day of DOM Scripting training in Manchester. The workshop went well but, given the significant distance between Brighton and Manchester, the journey there and back took quite a while.

I passed the time on the train doing a little bit of hacking, all the while listening to my Huffduffer podcast which I had loaded up with stuff I thought I might be interesting. Nothing makes a train journey go faster than stimulating the mind with some audio nourishment.

I’m very happy to report that the quality of stuff being huffduffed is extraordinarily high. Just check out the material being huffduffed by Jason Weaver, for example:

As I said when I announced Huffduffer a few days ago, I really built it to scratch my own itch. I wanted to somewhere to gather together the audio files that I stumble across while I’m surfing the web. It looks like I’m not alone. It’s immensely gratifying to discover that others share my craving for a quick’n’easy way to create a podcast by bookmarking MP3s. The site is starting to feel more “lived in” and the network effects are beginning to make themselves felt in the tags and popular items.

I’ll keep iterating on the site, of course (whenever I can find the time). If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’m all ears. I launched Huffduffer with a very minimal set of features. How the site evolves will depend on how people use it. I don’t want to try to second-guess too much of that.

After all, I wouldn’t have predicted that the killer app for Huffduffer would be long train journeys.