Archive: October 24th, 2008

Mad Libz, Yo!

It seems that quite a few people like the signup form on Huffduffer. This pleases me.

I share Luke W.’s rallying cry that Sign up forms must die! While I wasn’t able to kill off the signup form on Huffduffer entirely, I was at least able to make it human-friendly.

Ideally what I’d like to do is build a signup form that has one text field—What’s your URL?—and use that single piece of information to derive login credentials (OpenID), identity (hCard) and relationships (XFN). Alas, time constraints put the kybosh on that plan …for now.

Amongst the kind comments for the current signup form, I saw that Dan referred to it as Huffduffer’s ingenious Mad Libs style signup form.

This turn of phrase “mad libs” was new to me. I took it to be a compliment of some kind, perhaps along the lines of “mad props”, “mad skillz” or other stock phrases in the vernacular of the youth today.

Tracking the word “huffduffer” on Twitter, I noticed that other people were also using this phrase “mad libs” to describe the form. How very gratifying, I thought. I’m getting a ‘shout out’ from ‘my peeps’.

It turns out that is a party game where you fill in the blanks to humourous effect. I had no idea. I’m such a square.

Do you still use that word; square?