Archive: June 1st, 2012

Device expansion

Remy popped ‘round to the Clearleft office the other day with some more devices for the communal testing lab …although the Matrix-era Nokia is probably not all that useful.

Yay! More phones for the communal testing lab from @rem Getting more phone chargers and power strips for the communal device lab

The list of devices is starting to look pretty good. Of course there’s no such thing as “enough” devices, but this is at least beginning to look like a nice cross-section. I’ve been buying phone chargers and power strips in enough quantities that I’m starting to get bulk discounts.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, come on ‘round and try out your sites on these devices.

Welcome Clearleft • MATTER

I’m really pleased to be working with Bobbie on Matter.


Not only is FixMyStreet responsive, it’s using the “display: table-caption” trick I documented for adjustable “content first/navigation second” source order.