Archive: June 14th, 2014

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Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched By the Hand of Cicciolina (Video)

Did anyone else see that other LEO satellite going perpendicular to the ISS, almost intersecting its orbit?

The eyes of the nation turn to the television.

My eyes turn to the sky …ISS flypast in five minutes.

#NationalMovieQA Genuine question: Do you have to be somewhat of an asshole to be a tour manager?

Feeling bad for ducking out of @HackCircus, but looking forward to Mistaken For Strangers at @DukeOfYorks (+remote Q&A with the Berningers).

Getting lots of ideas from @AaronPk’s post on auto-embedding.

Note to self: the recent change to Flickr’s API requiring that requests are made to https URLs also applies to its oEmbed endpoint.

rel=search on Flickr

Here’s a nice little UI addition to Chrome. When you focus on the URL bar, if the current site has site-specific search discoverable via rel=”search”, then you get a greyed-out hint to press tab so you can start searching the site.


Keren Elazari: Hackers: the Internet’s immune system | Talk Video |

Did you see Keren at dConstruct 2012? Well, here she is at this year’s TED conference delivering a barnstorming talk on hacker culture.

The web idealists have a point: content can’t truly blossom in walled gardens

A great little piece by Russell Davies on the Indie Web movement.