Archive: March 3rd, 2015

Had a blast at this evening’s @CodebarBrighton in @68MiddleStreet.

@WeSpringForward has commenced!



Quantity Queries for CSS · An A List Apart Article

A terrific bit of smart CSS thinking from Heydon Pickering.

You know he’s speaking at Responsive Day Out, right?

Are You Living in a Simulation?

Always worth bearing in mind when some perspective is needed.

If it is possible that our future species will go on to create simulations of our civilisation forerunners (us), then it is far more likely that we are currently in such a simulation than not.

Troika - a new music podcast | The Hickensian

Jon has started a new little music podcast—and he’s using Huffduffer to generate the RSS feed—three thematically-linked pieces of music.

Have a listen to the first episode.

Sometimes I consider the explosive growth of computation and think that strong AI is a near-term inevitability.

Then I remember printers.

Roll up! Roll up! Getcha Responsive Day Out tickets here:

localFont - A localStorage solution for web font loading

A quick drag’n’drop way to base 64 encode your web fonts so you can stick ‘em in local storage.

T minus two hours until tickets go on sale.