Archive: August 21st, 2015

Lovely lettering by @MonikaBansal28.

Lovely lettering by @MonikaBansal28.

Still giggling over the best mistyped CSS declaration ever, shared by @LotteJackson

display: bolock;

Anyone else ever done that?

Making @LotteJackson read @SlightlyLate’s newest post after she spent ages trying to fix a problem caused by a missing vendor prefix hyphen.

CSS element() function - Vincent De Oliveira

Fire up Firefox and try out these demos: the CSS element value is pretty impressive (although there are currently some serious performance issues).

To put it simply, this function renders any part of a website as a live image. A. Live. Image!

How to fix a bad user interface - Scott Hurff

A lesson on the importance of handling each state of an interface:

  • the blank state,
  • the loading state,
  • the partial state,
  • the error state,
  • and the ideal state

…instead of just focusing on that last one.

Crafting A Bridge Between Storytelling & UX Design

I kind of want to link to every one of John’s post chronicling his 90 days at Clearleft, but this one is particular good, I think: how narrative ideas from the world of storytelling can help unlock some design problems.

Some Poppy therapy for @alexandtheweb in the @clearleft HQ.

Some Poppy therapy for @alexandtheweb in the @clearleft HQ.

Breakfast with Poppy.

Breakfast with Poppy.