Archive: April 25th, 2016

Adding HTTPS to your web site - Robert’s talk

Robert walks through the process he went through to get HTTPS up and running on his Media Temple site.

If you have any experience of switching to HTTPS, please, please share it.

I, Website | CSS-Tricks

Chris’s homage to I, Pencil.

I, Website, am a complex combination of miracles.

Beyond Work

An ongoing photography project from Curtis:

Beyond Work tells stories about humans at work, with no judgement or glorification. It’s an attempt at unearthing the social, cultural and functional world of work, that’s become invisible in everyday life.

The New York Herald, August 7, 1865

A transatlantic cable, hurrah!

Highlights of @RenderConf last week were getting to meet the supersmart @ninjanails and the brilliant @katiefenn.

Stripe Day in @Clearleft Towers.

Stripe Day in @Clearleft Towers.

Min | A smarter, faster web browser

I lightweight little web browser. It’s quite nice.