Archive: September 25th, 2016



The new album from @TheOrchid is the perfect soundtrack for hacking through day two of Indie Web Camp Brighton.

First impressions of React

I’m following Remy’s experiments with great interest—his approach sounds like the holy grail:

I’m trying to build a web app that uses progressive enhancement as a design principle with state as a core value to the coding approach.

Web Animation Workshops

Val Head and Sarah Drasner have teamed up to offer a two-day workshop on web animation. If you have a chance to attend, do it!

Responses To The Screen Reader Strategy Survey | HeydonWorks

Heydon asked screen readers some questions about their everyday interactions with websites. The answers quite revealing: if you’re using headings and forms correctly, you’re already making life a lot easier for them.

Ready for day two of Indie Web Camp Brighton.

If you fancy working on your own website today, swing on by @68MiddleSt.