Archive: June 1st, 2017

Perfect viewing conditions for the ISS flyover tonight—it was intensely bright against the clear night sky.

Checked in at The Joker. Wing night! — with Jessica map

Checked in at The Joker. Wing night! — with Jessica

Pinboard Acquires Delicious

Oh my goodness! Maciej is channelling Jason Scott:

Delicious has over a billion bookmarks and is a fascinating piece of web history. Even Yahoo, for whom mismanagement is usually effortless, had to work hard to keep Delicious down. I bought it in part so it wouldn’t disappear from the web.

Adding @j9t’s Principles of Web Development to my collection of design principles:

Lost My Name Design System

The really nicely documented design system for Lost My Name.

They’ve also written up the process of creating the design system which includes a refreshingly honest account of missteps made along the way—very valuable!

Today’s oyster.

Today’s oyster.

On the beach with @Clearleft.

On the beach with @Clearleft.