Archive: April 4th, 2019

Your Brighton dance card could be full this evening: Homebrew Website Club in the @Clearleft studio at 6pm, followed by @asyncjs from 7:15pm in @TheSkiff.

After a thoroughly enjoyable time at @FrontendNE, I’m on my way back from Newcastle to Brighton in plenty of time to make it to Homebrew Website Club in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm to 7:30pm this evening.

UX Workshop | Trys Mudford

I’m so, so happy that Trys has joined us at Clearleft!

Here, he recounts his first day, which just happened to coincide with an introductory UX workshop that went really well.

Apple’s new feature a step towards digital apartheid - Axess Lab

I also discussed this accessibility events feature with my friend who is a screen reader user herself. She said it feels like it’s a first step towards a well-meant digital apartheid.

A progressive disclosure component - Andy Bell

This is a really nice write-up of creating an accessible progressive disclosure widget (a show/hide toggle).

Where it gets really interesting is when Andy shows how it could all be encapsulated into a web component with a progressive enhancement mindset