Archive: June 20th, 2019

Berliners—don’t miss this evening’s @BerlinJS; I’ve had a sneak peek of the talk that @CassieCodes is giving, and it is excellent!

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On Wall Street, no one can tell that @iamcal is wearing shorts.

A simple starter kit for Eleventy - Hylia Starter Kit

Andy has made this very handy pre-configured starter kit for anyone who wants to get a blog up and running on Netlify with Eleventy.

Hack the Moon

The history of Apollo’s hardware and software—the technology, the missions, and the people; people like Elaine Denniston and Margaret Hamilton.

(The site is made by Draper, the company founded by Doc Draper, father of inertial navigation.)

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Web standards aren’t like software development. When something lands in a browser, it’s forever. That should not be taken lightly.

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Whoops! Looks like an unencoded ampersand slipped in there. Should be all fixed now. (Thanks for letting me know!)

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I 100% agree that Apple are the worst at making up proprietary crap behind closed doors.

That in no way absolves other browser vendors from being held to account (especially the browser with the largest market share).