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Vielen Dank, Oscar—that’s very kind of you.

In defence of graceful degradation and where progressive enhancement comes in by Adam Silver

This does a really good job of describing the difference between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation …but I don’t buy the conclusion: I don’t think that feature detection equates to graceful degradation. I do agree though that, when it comes to JavaScript, the result of progressive enhancement is that the language degrades gracefully.

This is progressive enhancement. An approach to making interfaces that ensures JavaScript degrades gracefully—something that HTML and CSS do automatically.

But there’s a difference between something degrading gracefully (the result) and graceful degradation (the approach).

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As well as, there’s and

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I think I’ve still got mine somewhere too!

(Dan, I would very much like to link to your post: will you be posting it on your blog?)

(Remember your blog?)

(Remember your blog!)

If you’re in town for Patterns Day, note that Homebrew Website Club Brighton will start a bit earlier this Thursday: 5pm to 6:30pm at the @Clearleft studio.

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