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You don’t get rewarded by Google Search for building pages with Bootstrap or React.




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Regular web pages don’t require loading a specific JavaScript file.

Replying to a tweet from @cramforce

When I say “Google is now strongly encouraging publishers to only publish AMP”, I mean AMP pages without a corresponding regular web page.

Cue semantic chicanery about AMP being regular web pages (spoiler: they are not).

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Paired AMP was never meant to be the end state. (That’s why we’re now calling it Transitional mode in AMP for WordPress).

Mobile E-Commerce UX: Deemphasize ‘Install App’ Ads or Avoid Them Entirely

The test results are in:

During our testing “Install App” banners were the direct and sole cause of several abandonments of some of the world’s largest e-commerce websites.

Read on for details…

AccentDesign/Fractal-Atomic: An awesome starter point for your Fractal UI component library

If you want to use Brad’s Atomic Design naming convention—atoms, molecules, etc.—and you like using Fractal for making your components, this starter kit is just for you:

Keep what you need, delete what you don’t and add whatever you like on top of whats already there.

Jeremy Keith - Building The Web - View Source 2019 - YouTube

I had a chat with Vitaly for half an hour about all things webby. It was fun!

Jeremy Keith - Building The Web - View Source 2019

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I would absolutely love it if AMP were competing on a level playing field with the likes of Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News …but with Google’s SEO strong-arming tactics, the playing field is far from level.

Replying to a tweet from @arctictony

Also, neither Apple or Facebook have a monopoly in search—Google does. Google is abusing that monopoly to get publishers to publish AMP …or suffer the SEO consequences.

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Except that Apple never suggested that publishers should switch their main site over to the Apple News Format. Google is now strongly encouraging publishers to only publish AMP.

Paint Holding - reducing the flash of white on same-origin navigations  |  Web  |  Google Developers

This is an excellent UX improvement in Chrome. For sites like The Session, where page loads are blazingly fast, this really makes them feel like single page apps.

Our goal with this work was for navigations in Chrome between two pages that are of the same origin to be seamless and thus deliver a fast default navigation experience with no flashes of white/solid-color background between old and new content.

This is exactly the kind of area where browsers can innovate and compete on the UX of the browser itself, rather than trying to compete on proprietary additions to what’s being rendered.

Why We All Need a Personal Website – Plus Practical Tips for How to Build One - Adobe 99U

The best time to make a personal website is 20 years ago. The second best time to make a personal website is now.

Chris offers some illustrated advice:

  • Define the purpose of your site
  • Organize your content
  • Look for inspiration
  • Own your own domain name
  • Build your website