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Thank you so much! I think that might be my favourite talk I’ve ever given.

In the last 24 hours, #ViewSourceConf has provided me with two of my favourite tweets:

They really capture my soul, y’know?

Heartfelt thanks to @SandraPersing and @AliSpivak for putting together a great #ViewSourceConf—and to @Asignia for live-captioning it!

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Is that Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? I think in Ubik he also invented 80% of the Internet Of Things with a door that demands payment before opening.

Feeling good about the closing keynote I just gave at #ViewSourceConf. The audience were very gracious, sticking around after two days of knowledge-packed talks by @Shrell, @SoMelanieSaid, @TejasKumar, @ASpittel, @HJChen, and more!

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Here’s a list of links to the books and articles referenced in the talk:

I’ve read exactly one of those books (hint: it’s the one that’s a comic book).

@AnjanaVakil Here’s that edition of The History Of The Web newsletter about JavaScript, with some yummy references and citations:

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

Me &Dees &Kirsty &Tantek &Valerie

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So much fun!

I think the best panel discussion at #ViewSourceConf was me and @SlightlyLate having a lively debate by the cloakroom, like two weasels in a sack squealing about web standards.

But we agreed on a solution:

Step 1: destroy capitalism.

Fellow #ViewSourceConf attendees: as announced on the excellent standards panel, there’ll be an Indie Web Camp in Brighton, England on October 19th and 20th—you should come!

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I really appreciate your hard work—thank you!

@JoryDotCom Question for the panel: where does the money for standards work come from? (And does money buy influence?) #ViewSourceConf

Me and @BruceL — this year’s models.

Me and @BruceL — this year’s models.