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You shall have my sword!

(Seriously, I very much want never-slow mode to become a thing. Whatever the AMP team are paying/blackmailing the search team with, do that for never-slow sites!)

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Mobile-first responsive design works.

The alternative is far worse—separate code bases; separate m. sites? Never again!

Fact-checking @SlightlyLate: it’s true that desktop-first responsive design didn’t work—that never worked—mobile-first responsive design has always been the smart move. Don’t tar all responsive design with a desktop brush.

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Alas, the latest update to iOS buries “Add to Home Screen” even more …and it was already pretty hard to find if you don’t grok “rectangle icon with arrow sticking out the top”.



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You’re welcome, Helvetica.

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Designing a focus style | Zell Liew

A deep dive info focus styles with this conclusion:

The default focus ring works. There are problems with it, but it can be good enough, especially if you can’t dedicate time and energy to create a custom focus ring.

Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future of Mobile Web [2019 Research]

PWAs just work better than your typical mobile site. Period.

But bear in mind:

Maybe simply because the “A” in PWA stands for “app,” too much discussion around PWAs focuses on comparing and contrasting to native mobile applications. We believe this comparison (and the accompanying discussion) is misguided.