Archive: October 15th, 2019

So… I just met Dieter Rams wandering around the market hall in Frankfurt.

I just about managed to stammer out something in German about being delighted to see him.

That was unexpected, awkward, and delightful in equal measure.

Jeremy Keith & Remy Sharp - How We Built the World Wide Web in Five Days on Vimeo

Here’s the talk that Remy and I gave at Fronteers in Amsterdam, all about our hack week at CERN. We’re both really pleased with how this turned out and we’d love to give it again!


A handy translation of git commands into English.

Manton Reece - Saying goodbye to Facebook cross-posting

Facebook and even Instagram are at odds with the principles of the open web.

Related: Aaron is playing whack-a-mole with Instagram because he provides a servie to let users export their own photographs to their own websites.