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Replying to a tweet from @hankchizljaw

Checked in at Faculty Of Arts. Here for a Design Council event. map

Checked in at Faculty Of Arts. Here for a Design Council event.

Diary of an Engine Diversity Absolutist – Dan’s Blog

Dan responds to an extremely worrying sentiment from Alex:

The sentiment about “engine diversity” points to a growing mindset among (primarily) Google employees that are involved with the Chromium project that puts an emphasis on getting new features into Chromium as a much higher priority than working with other implementations.

Needless to say, I agree with this:

Proponents of a “move fast and break things” approach to the web tend to defend their approach as defending the web from the dominance of native applications. I absolutely think that situation would be worse right now if it weren’t for the pressure for wide review that multiple implementations has put on the web.

The web’s key differentiator is that it is a part of the commons and that it is multi-stakeholder in nature.

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I’m very interested in Datasette Cloud—I’ve got a bunch of public data in CSV/JSON but I just can’t get the datasette command line tools working:

Reading The Human Use Of Human Beings: Cybernetics And Society by Norbert Wiener.