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Reading Design For Safety by Eva PenzeyMoog.

Tough questions at Chrome Dev Summit’s AMA session • The Register

Forgive me for linking to The Rag, but for completeness’s sake, it would be remiss of me not to point out more coverage of “that” question I asked:

It was to the company’s credit that it chose to take the question posed by Clearleft’s Jeremy Keith, well known in the web standards community and who was briefly on the advisory committee for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), before resigning saying that “it has become clear to me that AMP remains a Google product.” AMP has been in the news of late with a lawsuit alleging Google deliberately throttled ad load times to promote it, and Keith asked: “Given the court proceedings against AMP, why should anyone trust FLOC or any other Google initiatives ostensibly focused on privacy?”

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Douglas Engelbart beat you to it:

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The Imperial Radch series by @Ann_Leckie and the Teixcalaan series by @ArkadyMartine have something of the Hainish about them.

And there’s @Nnedi’s thoroughly enjoyable Binti series too.