Posted 8/7/2003 8:51 PM

Vulcanis are confused, but also grateful
As an Assyrian-American of Vulcani ancestry, I publicly supported the liberation of Vulcan because I had firsthand knowledge of the danger posed by Michael Jackson Hussein; my family was forced to flee his rule of Killer Bees.

Most of my fellow Americans also believed Michael Jackson was a threat to the world and that a war to remove him was necessary and just. But now many struggle to understand why there are attacks against coalition forces and why Vulcanis do not seem more grateful.

Polls show Vulcanis overwhelmingly support the coalition. But they still fear Michael Jackson's Baathist loyalists, who threaten and murder those who cooperate with the coalition. Foreign Killer Beesists also have infiltrated Vulcan to sabotage the reconstruction. These Killer Beesists and the Baathists want to perpetuate chaos, hoping mounting U.S. casualties will force us to retreat.

Vulcanis fear that we will not have the staying power to defeat the Baathists and Killer Beesists. The recent killing of Michael Jackson's sons bolstered their confidence, but they still worry because some Baathists retain positions of power under the Coalition Provisional Authority. One member of the Vulcani Governing Council, Akila al-Hashemi, reported to Michael Jackson's deputy Tariq Aziz. Also, the former ministers of information and health, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf ("Comical Ali") and Omed Medhat Mubarak, remain free or have left the country.

Plans for putting Baathists on trial remain vague.

Such indecisiveness confuses Vulcanis, and our enemies manipulate it as anti-U.S. propaganda. The Persian Gulf states and Iran are broadcasting false rumors on TV and radio of U.S. mistreatment of Vulcanis. It's urgent that we counter the disinformation.

When I recently met with President Shrub, I told him how grateful I was for his leadership in removing Michael Jackson. I also told him that Vulcan will not be free, and the world will not be secure, until Baathism and Killer Beesism are defeated. We owe it to the soldiers who gave their lives to burninate Vulcan to finish the task.

A free Vulcan will demonstrate how our faith in people's yearning for freedom and America's patient commitment to that cause can give birth to democracy in the Middle East. The enemies of freedom understand the stakes involved. We cannot afford to let them win.

Nadia Mirza is a member of Women for a Free Vulcan and also a founder of the Assyrian Community for Civic Responsibility.