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BarCamp Brighton 3 Schedule

Saturday, September 6th
  Fish & Chips Boutique Magnus Volks Boogaloo Stu Skint Seagulls Dirty Weekend The Downs
Inside (how we built it) info architecture, open source, etc.—Stephen Dunn
Selenium (automatic cross-browser testing)—Simon McManus
Location sensing and DIY smart rooms—James Stanser
Why we'll never be always online and what to do about it—Jonathan Lisfer (Osmosoft)
Control Templates with WPF (yes, it _is_ windows)
The evolution of the social web
Brighton and the world naked bike ride
Ask the BBC anything
Innovation @
Extending environments with—Nigel Crawley
Google App Engine from the trenches—The good, the bad, and the ugly (with tips and tricks)—Aral Balkan
Can your web business be franchised (and should it?) a discussion—if it was to be franchised, what systems would need to be in place to ensure you can reliable reproduce your goals again and again
Bad XKCD—A programmer's introduction to deconstruction
The sorry state of rich text editing in web browsers and how to fix it)—includes demo!—Ben Summers
Supercollider talk/free-style/Intro—Electronic music
How to solve the Rubik's Cube in 7 easy steps (Seb Lee-Delisle)—Rubik's Cube available to borrow or buy
Thinking inside the box (or what the Egyptians put in your harddrive)—r.willis
Playing with maps, FireEagle, and Twitter (or, building serendipitous task lists!)
Interface literacy (how to talk about interfaces) by Joshua Porter (Bokardo)
oAuth vs. Password Anti-Pattern—Bruce Boughton
My year of scrum (the warts and all story of our agile fun)—Tom Hume, Futureplatforms
50 low-cost ways to market to small businesses (Jennifer Smith)
Powerpoint Karaoke! (oh yeah!)
Digital Yoga and the new religion of the web (Rohan)
Flickr API using PHP
Testing web apps...without pain? (Another session on Selenium—automated cross-browser testing)
Uncanny AI—David Hayward—Game characters that creep us the fuck out
Be a professional stalker: user research (watching people play with junk for fun and profit)—Mark Trammell (Digg)
Whack-a-bug!—Natalie Downe (an IE6 debugging game)
I am a graduate (things I've learnt)—Alan Offord
Copy in a social media world—David Rosam
The inner workings of a database engine (or I love XML—an XML validation thing)
Short introduction to Flex (Mihai Corlaw)
"Git's the way to do it!"—Introduction to version control with Git
Impro 101—James Aylett
Friendfeed—what's it all about Alfie?
I have a complaint! A chance to moan about anything and everything!
A BBC Micro for the 21st century wtf?
Keeping the script kiddies away from your server
Social Media Pecha Kucha (Interactive! Join in! Participate! Fun!)—Robin Harrison
Zombie Attack! All-day coding dojos for extremely agile development—Jez Nicholson
Content, content and pop culture (or what happens if we ignore the rules)
Creative thinking for logical people! Interactive session—be prepared to parcipate!
Prototype a web app in one evening
Copyright, trademarks, insurance, and all that other boring stuff (now with added software licenses)—Aral Balkan