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BarCamp London 3 Schedule

Saturday, November 24th
  Berners-Lee Newton Hawking Drake Livingstone Magellan
12:30am1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm2:00pm   Norm's Law How do you deal with device fragmentation on Java Mobile? Relationships online and off. Should we pander to the iPhone? Caja and OpenSocial.
2:00pm2:30pm Professional web developer: a modern definition? BBC programmes API: a first look. How to animate a silly walk. Distributed/decentralised social networks.   From zero to game in 30 minutes.
2:30pm2:45pm Break
2:45pm3:15pm   DIY user reaseach. Intro to storytelling.     Messaging scales.
3:15pm3:45pm   Web typography sucks.   Build your lifestream with Yahoo Pipes. Internet liberty vs. social networking. OpenSocial.
3:45pm4:00pm Break
4:00pm4:30pm A brief intro to game dev. Kraut 2.0. Take your camera out of auto. Soco-technical design patterns.   Website psychology - Jedi mind tricks.
4:30pm5:00pm   The transmission of tradition. Data persistency. 10 things you should do but probably don't.   Website show and tell.
5:00pm5:15pm Break
5:15pm5:30pm Framework design. Ask a Yahoo web dev.   Learning jQuery.   Understanding social networks.
5:30pm6:00pm Designing usable forms. Ask us anything.   Unlimited useage, what is fair use? Don't panic!  
6:00pm6:30pm   Ask us anything.   The wonders of literature and the web. Use of viral agents and engineered diseases in virtual gaming environments. Mixing the perfect margerita.
Sunday, November 25th
  Berners-Lee Newton Hawking Drake Livingstone Magellan
10:00am10:30am TV tubes - automating your TV downloads.   Magic numbers in design. Tools for frontend development.    
10:30am11:00am Cash from code. Hacking people.   Suck management. Open Rights Group. What should we be teaching the next gen of web designers/devs?
11:00am11:15pm Break
11:15am11:45am Obscure Mac apps. 101 uses for Twitter. Facebook anatomy for beginners. Yoga and the social graph.   Usenet 2.0: subverting 1980s technology with Ruby to make forums not suck.
11:45am12:15am The use (and abuse) of microphones. Isafarro on high quality web development. The desktop is not dead. Making software that sucks.   The art of self-publishing.
12:15am1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm1:45pm Pimp my editor. Transitional process from web 2.0 to mobile 2.0. Using puzzles, stories and ARGs in brand marketing and the perils therein. BarCamp Rhine.   The big geek quiz.
1:45pm2:15pm Dirt spider. Talking about the future of BarCamps and the past of some volunteer-run events.   HAML - HTML is fugly.   First public demo of the new BBC homepage.
2:15pm2:30pm Break
2:30pm3:00pm   Anatomy of a business card. Practical sales approach. WTF is HTML 5?   Data portability.
3:00pm3:30pm   The rise and inevitable fall of Pub Standards.   Everything you ever wanted to know about South America.   Ask the Dutch anything about the Germans and vice versa.