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Open Tech 2008 Schedule

Saturday, July 5th
  Main Room Upper Hall Seminar Room
  • Rembrandt, Pr0n and Robot Monkeys
  • Living with Chaos
  • What the Frog's Eye Tells the Future
No2ID and the Open Rights Group: State of the Nation
  • From E-Business to G-Business
  • Solar Hot Water and Open Source IT
  • Quick look at Edenbee
  • Sponsor Presentation: TiddlyWiki Tales
  • Android and the Open Handset Alliance
  • Linked Data
Here's the UK EFF
  • Energy awareness
  • AMEE - The World's Energy Meter
  • Aerial Heat Maps
  • Welcome to WikiClimate
Power to the people - one year on from the Power of Information Report
  • Overthrowing Government Using Open Source
  • Tracking Arms Dealers with Python and Bits of String
  • OpenID and Decentralised Social Networks
  • Distributed, Federated, Partial
  • The Web is Agreement
  • Planning Alerts
  • 3 Years of OpenStreetMap
  • Opening Data
  • Linux for the Non-Computer Literate
  • Aptivate: Digital Tools for the Developing World
  • Enabled by Design
  • From Stealth Mode to Open Source in 90 days
  • No Comply: or Why the Paranoid Android Approach to Security is a Bad Idea
  • mySociety: Putting Freedom of Information Online
  • mySociety: Travel Time Maps
  • Proof by Overwhelming Notation
  • Home Automation - First Steps
  • Current Cost
  • Publishing with Microformats
  • RDF in the Real World - Rewiring the London Gazette
  • Living on the Edge
  • Digital Money
  • Finding Good TV on the Interwebs with RDF and REST
  • The Bastard Child of Baird and Berners Lee
  • Data Portability, Your Other Rights Online
  • Free the Data, Read the Data!
  • Open Knowledge: Promises and Challenges
Security Discussion with Ben Laurie and Friends
  • Intro to Hadoop
  • building for the open web
  • Turning Hard Data Into Fun Games
  • Telling Social and Environmental Stories Using Online Video
  • We Tell Stories