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Web 2.0 Expo Schedule

Monday, November 5th
  Development and Web Operations Fundamentals Marketing and Community Strategy and Business Models
9:30am12:30amm Scalable Web Architectures: Common Patterns and Approaches Building Social Applications Trends in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Be Like the Internet — Collaborative, Disruptive, Networked!
12:30am1:30pmm Lunch
1:30pm4:30pmm Hands-On: How to Make Ajax Work For You What is Web 2.0: The Rules for Creating Successful Online Products in the 21st Century Creating Passionate Users Getting Started
4:30pm5:00pmm Break
5:00pm5:45pmm Welcome Address (Keynote)
5:45pm6:00pmm 5 Great Ideas in 10 Minutes (Keynote)
Tuesday, November 6th
  Design and User Experience Development and Web Operations Fundamentals Marketing and Community Strategy and Business Models
9:00am9:50amm Moving from 1.0 to 2.0: Philosophies and Structures for Change Microformats a Web of Data We Build Our Tools And The Shape Us: How Lifestreaming Is Shaping Web Culture Marketing 2.0: Get Conversational! Killing the Org Chart: Organizational, Cultural and Leadership Models on the Bleeding Edge
9:50am10:10amm Break
10:10am11:00amm Twice the Speed and Half the Cost: Interaction Design for Fast-paced Startups Web 2.0 Performance and Reliability: How to Run Large Web Apps Opening the Social Graph Community Practices: From Forums to Social Networks Business Models for Web 2.0 Companies
11:00am11:20amm Break
11:20am12:10amm Designing for a Web of Data Ajax Security Metaverse Marketing: Games and Virtual Worlds in Product Promotion Building Web 2.0: Next-Generation Data Centers  
12:10am2:10pmm Lunch
2:10pm2:20pmm High Order Bit: Introducing Ginger (Keynote)
2:20pm2:50pmm Creating Passionate Users (Keynote)
3:10pm3:30pmm 10 Great Ideas in 20 Minutes (Keynote)
3:30pm3:50pmm Break
3:50pm4:40pmm The Beauty in Standards Google API: OpenSocial Mining Social Data for Fun and Insight Trends in E-Commerce Short on Cycles, Long on Storage
4:40pm5:00pmm Break
5:00pm5:50pmm   Coding on the Shoulders of Giants An Overview of Badges and Widgets: The Fast Rise of Viral Web Parts Blogs, Social Networks and Podcasts: Corporate Communications 2.0 Algorithmic Business Strategies — If everything's being uploaded and shared, what might be next?
Wednesday, November 7th
  Design and User Experience Development and Web Operations Fundamentals Marketing and Community Strategy and Business Models
9:00am9:50amm Microformats: The Nanotechnology of the Semantic Web Offline Web Applications with Dojo Offline & Google Gears Web 2.0 Design Patterns, Models and Analysis Marketing for Mobile 2.0 People & Data: How the Gathering, Using & Selling of Data is Changing
9:50am10:10amm Break
10:10am11:00amm Mobile to Web and Back: Designing for People How to Make AJAX Work For You Location and Mapping From Pages to People: Behavioral Targeting I tube, you tube, we tube. Unlimited content, unlimited liability?
11:00am11:20amm Break
11:20am12:10amm Better Typography Federated Social Networks OpenID: Emerging from Web 2.0   The Impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms Industry
12:10am1:30pmm Lunch
1:30pm2:10pmm A Conversation with Dominic Grolimund, Felix Petersen, and Tariq Krim (Keynote)
2:10pm2:20pmm High Order Bit: Photosynth (Keynote)
2:20pm2:50pmm Delivering Rich Experiences (Keynote)
3:00pm3:30pmm The Starfish and the Spider (Keynote)
3:30pm3:50pmm Break
3:50pm4:40pmm Designing Tag Navigation Disrupting the Platform: Harnessing social analytics and other musings on the Facebook API From a Mobile Telephone to a Computer — a Reality Dysfunction Social Commerce and Community What Happens To Print as the Web Rises
4:40pm5:00pmm Break
5:00pm5:50pmm Conversational Design Use Somebody Else's Infrastructure: Building a Webapp on EC2, S3 and Other Tools from AWS Living in a Multi-lingual World: Internationalization in Web and Desktop Applications Analytics for Web 2.0 Copy vs. Create: Learning and Innovating in a Flat Web 2.0 World (The TechCrunch Follow-up)
Thursday, November 8th
  Design and User Experience Development and Web Operations Fundamentals Marketing and Community Strategy and Business Models
9:00am9:50amm Agile Development, Agile Design: Avoiding Pitfalls in an Iterative Model Add Powerful Full Text Search to Your Web App with Solr Your User's Privacy Consumer-Generated Advertising and Content New Europe: Open Market and Available Talent
9:50am10:10amm Break
10:10am11:00amm Breaking Down The Barriers: Design for Accessibility Progessive Browsing Wuala, P2P Online Storage Advertising 2.0 Enterprise 2.0: Tools for Changing Organizations
11:00am11:20amm Break
11:20am12:10amm Immersive Experiences: Intersections between Web 2.0 and Games Under the Hood: How Geonames Aggregates Over 35 Sources into One Data Set Choosing the final RIA path or Choosing the appropriate RIA Technology Europe's Copyright Wars — Do We Have to Repeat the American Mistake? Craft, Design and Technology
12:10am1:30pmm Lunch
1:30pm2:10pmm A Conversation with Ari Virtanen, Nokia (Keynote)
2:10pm2:20pmm High Order Bit: SeedCamp (Keynote)
2:20pm2:50pmm State of the Web 2.0: Measuring the Participatory Web (Keynote)
3:00pm3:30pmm Enterprise 2.0 (Keynote)