What is this all about?
September 23rd
5:39pm Session on the street. domscripting
11:24am The #ViewSource Affordance domscripting
September 22nd
5:28pm Playing tunes with Jessica. domscripting
1:46pm Session in the sun. 🎶 ☀️ domscripting
11:18am Flamenco y gato. domscripting
September 21st
10:31pm Getting stuck in! domscripting
5:01pm Statement on Generative AI | Ben Myers domscripting
1:47pm Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) 21 September 2023 - YouTube domscripting
1:29pm Checked in at Asador Carlos V. Lunch on the square — with Jessica domscripting
September 20th
9:22pm The Cáceres sessions begin. domscripting
9:16pm Checked in at Taberna El Rincón. Croquetas y vino — with Jessica domscripting
5:23pm Jessica around town. domscripting
5:06pm Trabaja remoto domscripting
1:21pm Checked in at La Minerva. Pulpo! — with Jessica domscripting
9:06am Get it shipped — building better relationships with Devs domscripting
September 19th
5:11pm A (more) Modern CSS Reset - Andy Bell domscripting
3:54pm I don’t want your data – Manu domscripting
2:43pm Look to the skies! domscripting
1:08pm Checked in at almagesto. Lunch on the square—mogote de cerdo Ibérico — with Jessica domscripting
11:13am Tailwind, and the death of web craftsmanship domscripting
September 4th
8:51am Picking blackberries with @wordridden. message
8:51am Picking blackberries with @wordridden. message
August 28th
4:15am Zürich vom Berg, Zürich vom See. message
4:15am Zürich vom Berg, Zürich vom See. message
August 26th
9:29am Funiculì, Funiculà message
9:03am Gâteau, bateau. :cake: :boat:️ message
August 25th
1:02pm Goodnight, Zürich! message
August 23rd
12:52pm “Hello, this is dog.” message
7:58am One dog and his ball. message
6:59am This is also not my cat (but the cat doesn’t care). message
6:03am Chicken in the pasture. message
August 22nd
9:40am Cider and @wordridden. message
3:18am London is safe under the watchful gaze of Cider. message
August 20th
1:45am Cider looks like he’s on a Zoom call …that could’ve been an email. message
August 19th
5:48am Homemade lunches. message
5:48am Homemade lunches. message
August 17th
2:56pm Dog tired. message
August 16th
10:04am Cider in the park. message
10:03am Cider in the park. message
August 14th
6:57am Bumped into my old mate Anthony in London—brother from another mother! We used to busk on the streets of Galway thirty years ago. message