It's good to talk

If, like me, you’ve spent most of your waking hours for the past few months living, eating and breathing JavaScript, you might welcome the opportunity to talk with some like-minded folks. Even if you’re not quite that sad, you still might like to get together for a drink by the river Thames.

Either way, if you like JavaScript and/or beer, come along to the Old Thameside Inn on Clink Street, sarf of the river for a chin-wag about everyone’s favourite client-side programming language on Saturday, June 11th at 2pm. It’ll be fun, really. Myself, Simon, Stuart, Dean and PPK will all be there. Maybe I’ll be able to drag Derek and Richard along too.

If JavaScript isn’t your particular bag of geekery, there’s always the London geek dinner on June 7th at The Texas Embassy. Robert Scoble and Hugh McLeod are organising it. There’ll be fajitas. Now, who doesn’t love fajitas?

Hope to see you at one or both events.

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