Rinse, refresh, repeat

I’ve been making some tweaks to the stylesheets ‘round here. If things look a little screwy, I’ll echo Jason Kottke’s advice:

"you may need to press shift-reload or restart your browser to load the new stylesheet (I can’t believe it’s 2005 and I still need to say this…come on, browser makers)."

I’ve been tightening up how typography is applied, removing some extraneous classes and checking for bulletproofness.

It strikes me that some of the themes on offer here are looking distinctly dated. Still, I think I’ll leave them up for posterity’s sake.

I’m still pretty pleased with the default look. I think that even after four years of constant use, it’s stood the test of time relatively well. Whenever I get sick of it, I usually just create a new theme. I’ll have that set for a while, but I always find myself returning to the plain vanilla look.

I’ve been getting my house of style in order is in preparation for carrying out Joe’s homework assignment. Roger’s done it. I’ll do it as soon as I can find some time, time being a commodity that seems more scarce and precious each day.

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