Stephenson rocks it

Jessica has just finished reading the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson: Quicksilver, The Confusion and The System Of The World.

Like me, Jessica has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I honestly can’t think of an experience that has been more immersive, be it in literature, film or gaming. The sense of truly entering another place and time is almost palpable. Finishing these books leaves a void that’s hard to fill.

Reading Stephenson’s books, especially in light of Cryptonomicon, it’s clear that’s an over-arching vision being played out. Even as I delighted in the details, it was clear that there was a much bigger picture being painstakingly painted.

He’s definitely a "big picture" kind of guy. Case in point: in the New York Times, he examines the larger canvas of the Star Wars prequels:

"In sum, very little of the new film makes sense, taken as a freestanding narrative. What’s interesting about this is how little it matters. Millions of people are happily spending their money to watch a movie they don’t understand."

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