Thanks to an invite from Dunstan, I’ve been playing around with Odeo for the past few days. I like it. I like it a lot.

Basically, it strips away a lot of the techiness and geekiness associated with podcasting and makes it easier to get at the shows you want. This may be just what’s needed to allow podcasting to go mainstream, although it will interesting to see what Apple come up with in the next version of iTunes.

The markup and CSS on the Odeo site is a joy to behold and the visual design is very friendly and appealing. I detect the hand of Cederholm at work.

After a short while kicking the wheels of the site, I began to think about all the tinkering that third-party developers could would do if this were opened up. I shot off an email to tech support. Yes, Virginia, Odeo will have an API.

A fun, easy to use site with a powerful API… sounds like an audio version of Flickr. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong wit dat.

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