I'm okay

Following the attacks in London this morning, I’ve had messages from friends abroad asking if I’m alright. Thank you all for your concern. I’m fine.

I was actually going to be in London today for a one-day training course but that was pushed back to the 20th. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so relieved about a postponement.

Richard is in London but he’s doing okay.

All public transport in London is down so everyone is staying where they are… or possibly going to the pub. Brighton station has also been closed down, probably as a precautionary measure although there was a message on a local mailing list about a suspicious package in a phone box around there.

Update: there was a controlled explosion (probably someone who left their briefcase behind them) and trains will resume running from Brighton shortly.

The news reports on BBC television have been very calm, clear and collected, much like the general populous of London (although I’m sure the tabloid press will alter that image by tomorrow morning).

The terrorists responsible for these attacks are clearly not only a bunch of murdering bastards, they are a bunch of murdering bastards who don’t know their history. London made it through the blitz and through years of IRA bombings. Londoners react to explosions not with fear and terror but with resolution and bravery.

The eyes of the world are on London today. The world will see a display of stiff upper lips and unity. If there’s one thing that Londoners can do well, it’s this: they cope.

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