Geekend in the country

I spent the weekend in Oxfordshire in the company of my fellow geeks and Brit packers. A photo pool has been set up on Flickr so you can see exactly who was there and what merry japes we got up to.

It’s always good to have face to face contact in meatspace with the people at the other end of an email or a blog. Many thanks to the Cotswolds contingent for organising a most splendid outing.

We were blessed with nice weather on Saturday afternoon (despite forecasts to the contrary) so we spent most of our time in ye olde Englishe beere gardene.

Sunday, on the other hand, turned out to be a very wet and rainy affair. Jessica and I made a cursory exploration of Oxford but, because of the weather, we didn’t really spend too long out and about. In fact, I was outdoors just long enough to exasperate a cold I was already coming down with.

The cold threat level has officially been elevated from bothersome to nasty. I’m hoping it will have subsided somewhat by tomorrow when I’m playing a concert, supporting Spear Of Destiny (ah, nostalgia).

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