DOM Scripting: the website of the book

The countdown begins. I’ve finished writing my book. It’s being hammered into shape at the print foundries as we speak. It should hit the shelves by the middle of September.

I’ve put together a website to go with the book… or maybe the book will be the dead-tree version of the website, who knows?

There’s a blog. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be writing about there other than it will be JavaScript related. That may come as a relief to those who tire of the geekier posts here at Adactio.

For a while at least, the blog is likely to be filled with book-related news and thoughts. And yes, it does have comments enabled. Happy?

The other major component of the site is a section all about the book. In time-honoured drug-pushing fashion I’m offering some samples there to whet your appetite. I’ve posted a sample chapter and the wonderful foreword by Dave Shea.

The site isn’t enormous but I’ve been putting a lot of work into the back end. A normal person requiring a blog would simply use Wordpress, Textpattern or some other readily available blogging tool. Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to write my own.

I wouldn’t call it a finished CMS just yet, but it’s capable of handling all the tasks I’ve thrown at it so far. I’m going to continue to tweak it. I’ll probably end up using it for some other projects and I’ll release it into the wild at some stage.

But enough about that. Who cares about the back end? Perhaps you’d be more interested in the pretty liquid rounded corners on the front page of the site? For whatever reason, I hope you’ll pay the site a visit. You can sign up for email updates about the book while you’re there or simply subscribe to the RSS feed.

The website has landed. The book cometh.

a portion of the book cover

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