Entertaining Joe

My brief foray to Londinium is at an end. On a balmy Wednesday evening, Jessica, Joe and I went to Leicester Square to watch a captioned film: the wonderfully entertaining Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Afterwards, Jessica and I (sans Joe) enjoyed a wonderful meal in a cosy Soho restaurant.

Joe Clark’s one day workshop was, needless to say, most edifying and educational. Equally enjoyable was the opportunity to meet and chat with the attendees from The Guardian, MTV, RNIB and other stalwart institutions. Much fun was had during and following the workshop. I always relish any opportunity to mingle with my fellow geeks.

I’m back from London now and I’ve brought Joe back with me. I’ve been showing him the sights and sounds of Brighton but all he wants to do is take pictures of shop-front type and the arse end of trucks. He is subsisting on a diet of Jessica’s vegan pizza and my vegan chilli. He will be returned to Canada unharmed.

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