Have iPod, will travel

I’ll be travelling to Gatwick airport tomorrow morning to board a plane bound for Florida. Now that the state seems to be relatively hurricane-free, it’s as good a time as any to take a break and hang out at the beach house.

I fully intend to spend as much time as possible gorging myself on shrimp and paddling in the warm Atlantic ocean with the occasional passing pelican for company. That said, I will still be tethered to the internet.

Last time I was on holiday, I was in Alaska and I spent a significant proportion of my time squirrelled away in my cabin, writing book chapters. Now, the book is finished but I’ve still got writing that needs to get done. So I’ll be out on the back porch, iBook in lap, stringing words together that will hopefully form some coherent articles about DOM Scripting.

I’m just about packed and ready to go. I’ve got my swimming trunks, I’ve got my iBook and I’ve got my iPod. Said iPod is loaded up with plenty of music and podcasts. It also contains a little something else I’ve put together…

Normally I wouldn’t point to something new over on "my other site" but this is pretty cool: I’ve put together a Podbook containing the entire reference section of my book. It uses the Notes feature of the iPod to create a self-contained look up for DOM methods and properties. Just download a .zip file, unzip it and drag the resultant folder the Notes section of your iPod.

Voila! I can spend the nine hour flight to Orlando scrolling through all the DOM geekery I could ever need… or I could try to get some writing done.

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