Pirate fallout

Monday, as I mentioned, was Talk Like A Pirate day. It most gratifying to see so many people using my pirate-speak page converter.

But the amusement doesn’t stop just because Talk Like A Pirate day is over. I’ve been getting some hilarious emails ever since.

This, for example, is from the Managing Director of Aeronautical Services And Procedures:

“Why have you got my front web page on your site? … and why is it defaced??”

Scott Vezdos writes:

“Please remove the pages from your web site regarding KUNI Public Radio 90.9 FM - specifically the “talk like a pirate” section using design layout, graphics and text from our web site. These pages you have copied are copyrighted material and the property of KUNI Public Radio.”

I informed him that I wasn’t hosting any of his files but I pointed him to some websites that are. Here’s a snippet from my reply:

“I found some other websites that have stolen the materials on your site… Google, Yahoo! There may be more. I suggest you write threatening emails to all of these sites: they have copied your copyrighted material… The scurvy dogs!”

Have you published a response to this? :

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