He comes from a land down under

The podcasts and the photos have started coming in from Web Essentials in Syndey. Oh, how I wish I could be there!

But if I can’t go to Australia, I can still bring an Australian to me.

As I was browsing through photos from my contacts on Flickr, I noticed that Daniel Boud was posting pictures from England. A quick browse of his website revealed his itinerary. I noticed that he had a few free days this week so I invited him down to Brighton.

Dan was a charming and gracious guest. I endeavoured to show him the sights of Brighton to provide fodder by his camera. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get arrested (or even stopped and searched) for taking pictures of the Labour Party conference. I did manage to get him to a small, thrashy, noisy gig by some Swedish riot grrrls. He fitted right in.

Dan is off to New York next and San Francisco after that. If you live in either of those places and you’d like to meet a charming antipodeon blogger who happens to be a supremely talented photographer, drop him a line (his email address is on his website).

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