While we were in Brussels, Jessica and I paid a visit to the city’s museums. I’m more of a fan of art that isn’t prefixed with the word "modern", but I was pretty excited about seeing the Magritte collection in the Museum of Modern Art.

We happened to be there during a huge retrospective of an artist I had never heard of. He goes by the singular moniker of Panamarenko.

He’s an artist, engineer and inventor all rolled into one. His work looks like concept art for The Incredibles. Jetpacks, nuclear powered cars, airships, helicopters… the exhibition was a retro fetishist’s wonderland. Most of all, it was fun and unpretentious; a delight for children of all ages.

I don’t know if Panamarenko is a mad scientist or a just the ultimate gadget geek, but I know what I like. Take a look at my pictures from the exhibition and see what you make it of all.

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