Faster, more intense

George Lucas is infamous for providing limited direction to his actors. His advice generally consists of:

"Faster, more intense."

That more or less encapsulates how 2006 is shaping up for me.

2005 was quite a busy year. I did a lot of traveling, I spoke at some conferences, I wrote a book and I joined forces with Andy and Richard to form Clearleft.

The traveling will continue in 2006. I’ve already got a trip to Ireland planned for February.

More conferences are on the cards. South by Southwest is going to be a blast: the British invasion will be twice as big as last year’s. @media is going to be supersized this year. Details will follow from Patrick soon.

And, just like every other web developer who knows his ass from his elbow, work is hotting up.

Added to that, I’ve got a new blog for 2006. Jessica and I have joined forces to create a food blog. It’s called Principia Gastronomica - a geeky name for geeky foodies. If you’re interested in food (and who isn’t?), go and peruse our humble scribblings. We soft-launched it a month ago and already Jessica is putting me to shame with her prolific output.

Somewhere in there, I need to find the time to fulfill one of my new year’s resolutions, which is to play more tunes. I’ve been neglecting my bouzouki.

My other resolution is, by hook or by crook, to make it to Web Essentials ‘06 in Sydney. I’d better start stalking John and Maxine now.

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