Carson Summit Podcast

I was delighted to hear that a podcast would be made available of the excellent Future Of Web Apps summit organised by Carson Workshops. I was less delighted to discover that, instead of an actual podcast, just the audio files were being provided for download from an HTML page.

For the record, audio files are not podcasts. A podcast is not an audio format, . Not all RSS feeds are podcasts but all podcasts are RSS feeds (or Atom — if I don’t add that disclaimer, I risk the wrath of The Vengeful Atom Gang).

Rather than bitch and moan here about the incorrect use of terminology, I thought I’d do something about it. Writing an RSS feed is a relatively straightforward process. Using the information already given on the Carson Workshops Summit HTML page, I wrote an RSS file (mashed up with links to my liveblogging of the event).

So, if you weren’t relishing the prospect of downloading the individual MP3 files by hand, point your podcasting app of choice at the podcast of the Future of Web Apps.

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